The Grubby Face Kid Blogs (UK) are home to certain ideas and do’ee activities, whereby you may incur a grubby face.

pics of muddy happy people doing mud football, bog snorkeling and more

Mucking about and ending up grubby-faced can be fun! It also builds your body and your antibodies up. Participation takes calories and gives zestful memories to your days on this planet…. give or take the odd hiccup, scratch, bump and/or bruise.

Double check any content given for in-date correctness. Always prepare sensibly, with sound advice…………. “Be Safe, Go Do”.
The posts can be accessed below, or from the main menu or the sidebar.

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grubbyfacekid grubby face activities happy girl with muddy face people playing games in muddy places
grubbyfacekid grubby face activities dartmoor 10 tors challenge teams of people walking with backpacks over dartmoor

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